This website is dedicated to content about investing with an LGBTQI* lens. For ease of
reference and inclusion, we have opted to call it Queer Lens Investing. It is meant as an all-encompassing term to cover any investment activity with an LGBQTI* angle, including in public securities, funds as well as private transactions (equity, debt and hybrid solutions).

The overarching goal of this website, is to collate content on Queer Lens Investing in one place for investors looking to achieve impact for the LGBTQI* communities and facilitate change. While content is curated, it is meant to be a hub for different points of view and opinions, free of judgement.

What is Queer Lens Investing?

Queer Lens investing seeks to identify, analyse and invest in opportunities that have a positive impact on the LGBTQIA* communities. It can be implemented as a stand-alone investment strategy or an additional lens in an existing strategy. It can be applied across asset classes and geographies.

Founding Partners

This website is supported by Dreilinden gGmbH and Criterion Institute. We are an expanding network of investors incorporating an LGBTQI* lens into our investment analysis. It is our intention to build a community of like minded investors to share best practices, brainstorm new approaches and collaborate with each other.